Why Baby Teething Jewellery Really Works

Teething is usually a pretty rough time for a lot of mothers and babies alike. Babies cry because of new teeth breaking through and wanting to chew on everything to help with the pain of it all can be pretty frustrating. Not only do moms get headaches but they also get a lot of things broken and chewed on that should not be chewed on such as their necklaces, bracelets, scarves, clothing, etc. There are a few ways to make it easier without though. Ways that do not even include having to administer drugs to the baby. Teething jewellery and teething necklaces for babies have become very popular lately because they actually work, and they can be fun to wear as well.

Amber Teething Necklaces

Many mothers make the mistake of writing this teething treatment off as a hippie cure that does not really work. But actually, it has been known for a long time AND scientifically proven that Amber has special and healing qualities. Might as well learn a few things about how they work and why they work to see if they may be something you will want to try!

  • They are actually not meant to be chewed on. Their importance lies in direct contact with the skin. Although no harm will come to the baby if it decides to chew on the necklace, chewing is not what it is made for.
  • How it works is that the amber beads have oil that they release into the skin when they are heated up (by body heat) naturally. These oils contain something called succinic acid that is recognized as having therapeutic properties and is actually used in some pharmaceutical applications. The reason why they make it in a necklace form is because is because it can better regulate the dosage of succinic acid based on the heat of the baby’s skin and can be triggered by swelling, fevers and other symptoms and side effects of teething.
  • Make sure to not let the necklace come into contact with soaps and lotions, especially harsh ones. This can cause a buildup to occur which will block or dampen the effects of the amber on the baby’s skin. If there is a buildup, simply wipe the necklace off with olive oil and then rinse and wipe it dry.
  • Since the dosage of succinic acid is based on the baby’s condition, it will let more if the baby needs more and less if it is not heated enough and the baby does not need it. This makes the dosage very small and well managed.

Chewy Jewellery

There are many brands now coming out with various kinds of teething necklaces for babies or “chewy jewellery” that is designed for the mom to wear while her baby is teething, for Harper and Hudson’s range of silicone teething jewellery click here where you are able to purchase silicone jewellery online..

  • The jewellery is usually made out of silicone or something chewy but durable in order to keep it from being damaged, showing wear and tear, and to keep small chunks from coming off and becoming a choking hazard. The materials also used make them easy to clean and safe for the baby- without chemicals or dangerous ingredients that might make the baby sick from chewing on.
  • These necklaces are also designed to look cute, stylish and trendy. They are meant to look like you are wearing a normal necklace instead of a baby toy. Practical and pretty is exactly what these necklaces are made to be.

Some moms worry about the baby teething jewellery teaching kids bad habits like being allowed to pull on and chew on jewellery but at the teething ages, it is really hard to get babies to not grab onto jewellery and put absolutely everything in their mouths. For a large range of baby teething necklaces visit this website and you will find something to suit your styleThey are not meant to be a long-term solution or even last as long as a pacifier- they are simply made for the teething phase.